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As book publishing professionals, we rely on constant adaptation and innovation to thrive in an evolving publishing landscape. That’s where the PUBLISHING INNOVATION FORUM comes in! Over the course of several days, you can join your industry peers to share challenges and successes while networking with others on the same path. With a shared core value of OPTIMISM, we will transform our toughest challenges into innovations and initiatives that will impact sales, rights and permissions, marketing, audiobooks, ebooks, printing, distribution, and more.

Many book publishing conferences are catered towards a specific publishing niche, such as independent publishing, academic publishing, Christian publishing, manufacturing, etc. The PUBLISHING INNOVATION FORUM is open to all industry professionals, regardless of size, target audience, or business model.

Our goal is to connect as many different types of publishing professionals as possible in order to pool all of our collective knowledge, learn from each others’ experiences and ideas, and grow together.

At the PUBLISHING INNOVATION FORUM, multiple learning formats will be provided where you can connect with other industry professionals and experts, including:

  1. In-depth general and breakout sessions covering three, vital publishing tracks: Technology, Marketing, and Business.
  2. “Think Tank” group discussions led by industry experts for brainstorming solutions to current industry challenges.
  3. Casual networking events where you can find out what others in the industry are doing to tackle the rising challenges.

Given the many changes our industry has faced—COVID, shifts in technology, complications of AI, the ongoing rise of self-publishing, etc., etc.— it’s important, now more than ever, to discuss our ongoing challenges and explore how the industry can prepare and adapt itself for the future.

We’re all in this together! The PUBLISHING INNOVATION FORUM is the perfect opportunity for professionals in the publishing industry to unite and help each other thrive.

Who Should Attend?

The PUBLISHING INNOVATION FORUM is open to anyone in the pubishing industry interested in exploring how to navigate our ever-changing marketplace, including…

  1. Executives seeking insights and innovations to help move their companies forward.
  2. Publishing professionals in editorial, production, manufacturing, rights, design, ebook creation, and more!
  3. Marketing, publicity, and sales experts, along with anyone interested in finding new and innovative ways to increase book discoverability and sales.
  4. Corporate insights, business ops, and data analysts interested in data and reporting strategies, best practices, and innovations.

The Publishing Innovation Forum is presented by the Firebrand Group—a global collection of companies including Firebrand Technologies, NetGalley, and Supadu Ltd—offering comprehensive technology solutions to nurture book publisher success. The companies within Firebrand Group are owned by Media Do International (MD-i), the US-based subsidiary of Japan’s Media Do Co., Ltd, one of the largest ebook distribution companies in the world retaining the largest share of Japan’s ebook market. For more information on Media Do’s services and corporate divisions, visit